Storify For Healthcare Cybersecurity

I am excited to announce I hve completed a project that addresses Healthcare cybersecurity attacks and breaches. This project is a Storify web page that shows readers the huge concern of cyber security attacks in healthcare and suggests a protocol to counter it. The link to it is as follows: Storify web page
Come check it out!


Getting the word out

For the final project, I have offered many suggestions to the group, despite not all being followed. The team was able to collaborate efficiently towards the project and we ultimately completed the project in a satisfactory way. My efforts to the team was satisfactory for I have contributed all my assigned tasks. I was in charge of fulfilling the “policies and procedures” section of the final paper. I made effort to attend all group meetings, however, I have missed the final in-class meeting in which our group has decided to change direction of the project completely. Because of this, the group has chosen an inconvenient time (for me at least since I work) to meet up and create the video. Despite the fact I was not featured in the video, I made effort to contribute to it by commenting on it and sharing it to my social media accounts. Our group in general was unfortunately not able to meet up regularly due to our unique and tight schedules. We have solely communicated through text messaging each other, which could be inconvenient at times due to lack of face to face communication and work schedules (not being able to respond right away because in class or at work). I made effort to make my contribution for the final project equal in comparison to the other group members. Since some of the group was present in the video, I thought of creative tactics to show my contribution in the video by liking the videos and commenting on them to share support. I also made sure my contribution in the final paper was longer than the others, (I made my passage on policies and procedures at least three pages long). Overall, the final project was very interesting and informative. I believe I have improved in my collaborating, presenting, and researching skills because of this assignment.

Gathering Materials

I have posted three photos that I have taken myself to the collaborative Google Document. The reason I chose these is because it is not copyrighted and original. The photos I have provided were beautiful photos of the environment- to which we want to preserve as the main topic of our project. I believe these photos will be very useful for our final project because it gives viewers the incentive of environmental brilliance. People may see the photos of nature themselves and would like to protect its beauty.


My team had an efficient creative process. We were all geared in making some sort of video and uploading it to you tube to share to the audience. The storyboarding process has given our team direction on what our final project should be. We surprisingly chose to focus on a single project instead of multiple ones. The ultimate vision for the project is to have a visual interactive activity to share with the target audience. I was late to contribute to the story board, but eventually our group members have decided to change the entire direction of the project. We have went from originally creating a video interviewing random Rutgers students on their opinions and lecturing them based on their answer to just a straightforward and interactive informative video. We did not previously had the ballot question included on the storyboard, therefore, I included it in an updated response which is as follows: “All money collected by the states relating in natural resource damages and cases of contamination of the environment the money would be used only for environmental purposes to restore, replace, or preserve the state’s natural resources. The money may also be used to pay legal or other costs incurred by the state in pursuing its claims.” Also, I have updated the story board with our new plan of action for the final project which is as follows: 

-Create a main video that will explain the ballot question, ask the viewer their opinion on the ballot question, and have links to two other videos!

– The viewer will first see the main video, the viewer will then be prompted to click on a link if they would like to vote “yes” on the ballot and see the benefits of their decision, or click on a separate link if they would like to vote “no” on the ballot and see the consequences of their decision.

I have included to this post an interesting graphic that relates to our theme of the ballot question. I believe this updated storyboard will further guide our group process even more.


For the project, I favored an info graphic because it is simple, informative, and clean. You can also be creative with it to catch audiences’ interests. The group has favored a video presentation however, which I eventually favored because it is engaging, creative, and interesting. Videos would be ideal for our generation since many people would rather watch something than read something.


My team has decided to work on The Upcoming November Ballot question. For the project, We all agree on an issue that is harming our client organization- choosing “no” on the upcoming November ballot question is a harmful tactic that can hurt our client organization.  We determine our goal for the project – to influence NJ individuals to vote “yes” on the upcoming ballot.  We all brainstorm ideas and methods to benefit the organization- creating a series of YouTube videos to strategically present to the audience information regarding the issues and concerns.  We execute the idea- Uploading the video online and sharing it with a hashtag on social media to promote it.

Zelda Memes

minor spoilers! (please click link)

  • Memes are relevant media in everyday life because it uses familiar real life examples that allow people to most likely understand its significance. Memes also relate to response theory because it involves a reader interpreting memes in some sort of critical way.
  • The memes I have selected are interesting because they are based on the new game Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game received the most perfect scores from video game reviewers and is very familiar with the video game community. The game also has very memorable moments, making it easy for me to create memes of them.
  • These memes can help me express myself because it is based on a video game that I enjoy and a series I am a fan of. I also really enjoyed several points in the game and was surprised by some, therefore, I created these memes in hope to express the humorous vibes I had when I experienced these moments in the game.
  • I believe memes are serving to simply re-instantiate an re-brand products which have outgrown their advertising cycle because memes are very diverse. Memes can be used in many creative different ways that gives corporate companies many options to reach to the community.

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